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Time with Jesus

It's 6 AM! A strong cup of coffee, my Bible, my journal, my pen, and a moment to be alone with Jesus.

I don't make 6 every morning. Sometimes it's 7 or 8, but almost always before my day gets too far along! I'm not always alone. Sometimes Cal is snuggled beside me or Claire is watching a show. Jesus is the only consistent part of my practice! Time with Jesus is a must for our motherhood journey! I start every time with Jesus with gratitude! I make a list. I say thank you God! Then I commit my hopes to Jesus. I pour it all out, my hopes for healing and help. I share my dreams and even day to day needs! I breathe. I'm still. I'm quiet. I open my Bible. I love my Bible. I love the pages, the marks, the dates, and the notes. But most of all, I love God's Word. It's alive. It's active. It moves me! Sometimes I go through devotion books. Some seasons I do in depth Bible studies, reading plans, or use a Bible reading app. The most important part is that I open the Bible and read it. It's always faithful. It always holds something I need!

Then I pray! I have a few lists I go by, but I always pray for my soul first. I pray, "Create in me a pure heart and renew a steadfast spirit within me. Do not remove me from your presence or take your Spirit from me, but restore to me the joy of Your salvation." Or "Sprinkle me with water and I will be clean. Cleanse me from all of my impurities and remove all of my idols. Give me a new heart and put your Spirit in me. Move me to follow you." Then I pray for Casey and the kids.

I listen. I let Jesus speak to my heart. I commit it all to Jesus. That's it. That is my quiet time. It's vital. Time with Jesus is like breathing. I can't live without it. I don't do it perfectly. I don't sit hours and there is no magic in the method. But I bring my whole self and let Jesus move. Maybe it's been a while since time with Jesus was a part of your everyday. You can start anytime! He says, "“If anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drink." John 7:37 Come to Him today. Stay a while. It changes everything! Love them up! Love covers!

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