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The Baxter Team

How to create the "team" mentality in your home! "We are the Baxter team." Like so many things that are important to me, this phrase is on repeat in our home! We love sports, so this analogy makes sense for our family. But I think this could really benefit every home! I want to raise children who love our team, children who cheer loudly for each other and want good for each teammate, and children who know that they win when the team wins! We definitely have moments when it seems like we are more like the Lakers versus the Celtics instead of the Dream Team. But I have faith that as we go, we are building a team that will have a lifetime of wins! We speak words that build each other up. If it doesn't make someone feel great or if we aren't sure how it will leave them feeling, it's not tolerated! We have to practice self control and keep each other accountable for our words. We all mess up, but we are working toward it! Our words have power and we want to use them to promote the team!

We spend time together. Our kids are close in age, so we encourage them to be friends with each other. We play all together. We watch movies together, eat meals together, and consider each other. We have intentionally embraced things as a family. We have a lot of "we all love". We all love Georgia football, eating Hibachi, rollercoasters, sci-fi movies, and front yard whiffle ball. We include everyone! I make sure everyone knows they are a valuable asset to our team. Everyone has a part and brings something valuable to the team.

We lead by example. Casey and I try to show our children what a good teammate looks like... loving, forgiving, and encouraging. We know that when we love big, forgive quickly, and speak life we set the tone for our team. I've said it before and believe it so much, our kids follow our lead! Time will still tell the record of the Baxter Team, but I am so hopeful! And love covers, so love them up!

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