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Remembering our mission over the Mess

Yesterday I talked with a friend who shared about her desire for a peaceful home! She shared about how siblings were arguing and little ones were being disrespectful and angry tones were flying. I know what she is talking about! She was describing our house and I bet she is describing your house at times too!

Homes are made up of imperfect people and there will always be moments of fussing, attitudes, and moods. I think as moms, we sometimes feel like our kids are the only ones having the meltdowns, running to their rooms in tears, or crying about school work. But the truth is we are all sinners trying to function together and we need the mighty work of Jesus to find peace.

Here is what I shared with my friend, one of the sweetest mamas I know, who like you and me wants a home that glorifies the Lord!

Let it go! As moms we must let go of control and lead by example. Sometimes we hold on so tight to our idea of the way things are supposed to be or how our day should flow or even still, what others say we should be doing that we miss the biggest goal! Our greatest desire should be to raise hearts receptive to the Lord! It's ok to let the rest go sometimes to maintain peace!

Practice calm. Calm is not a natural way in a home filled with children and chaos. Calm is a practice. Most of the things that cause me to lose my cool and bring out what my children call my "Sunday voice", you know the stern tone that edges on the side of yelling (my kids coined this name because this voice makes it appearance most on Sunday mornings when we are running out the door for church), aren't really defining moments after all. When we practice calm, we choose to remember our mission over the mess.

Be a peacemaker. The Godly mother knows that peace, mercy, and sincerity accomplish more than stiffness, rules, and yelling! Peacemaking moms produce peacemaking kids. When we model self-control in front of our children we give them an example to follow!

All of these require us to die to self and seek Jesus most. We can't do any of this on our own. We must pray our hearts out and trust God to fill in our gaps! God is faithful!

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