our home

I want our home to be a haven, a place of security and refuge. The world is volatile and turbulent, a struggle between the beautiful and the broken. I want our family to always be active in the world, not fearing or retreating. But I also want to always provide a refuge from the storm! It's a role I am seeking to fill!

All throughout scripture, God is described as our refuge, hiding place, shelter, defense, shade, and fortress.

That's how I want our home to be!

The Godly home can be a portrait to others of the ultimate security that can be found in God alone!

A refuge is a place loved by those in need! I want my children, their friends, our family, and others to always love our home. I want it to be inviting and open.

Our homes can be a hiding place where our children know they are safe and secure. Our children thrive most when they feel secure. It's not in defeat that we hide. Sometimes they need a retreat from the world to grow best!

I want our home to be peaceful, refreshing, and dependable.

Our homes can't be a refuge if they are just as unpredictable as the world. I pray daily for a home filled with love and peace!

We eat together, pray together, build each other up, hug, laugh, play, and rest in our home!

We have to be at home to love our home. I think the enemy can use business and striving to keep families from the sacred work of home. We have taken the bait on too many occasions.