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love never fails

I don't have to scroll these little squares long before I find experts who know how to do it all! I can find experts at cleaning, fitness, decorating, styling their kids, meal planning, scheduling, prepping healthy meals, gardening, and the list goes on! I am always fascinated. But the truth is, I wouldn't qualify as an expert in any field!

My laundry room is piled high with dirty clothes. I count chasing kids as my cardio. My boys play video games and my 3 year old's favorite drink is coke. None of my kids are sleep trained and half end up in our bed every night. The best words to describe my style are "lived in". And it will take a miracle to get a few tomatoes from my garden to make some salsa! I love learning and growing in these fields. My growth always benefits my family, but I don't put my hope in any of them! When I look back on my mothering years, I know none of those will define them! You know what I hope to be an expert in, loving them up. I want to be a leader in love, hugs, laughter, forgiveness, kindness, encouragement, tenderness, empathy, generosity, and joy. If I teach anything, I pray it is children are a blessing. You are enough. Motherhood is meant to be enjoyed. Your home is a haven. Your family is a gift. The Bible is a light. And connected to Jesus is the only way! That's what loving them up is! Without it, the rest is nothing! We may be digging through the dryer, but we always have fresh clothes. Helping Cal push his bike up the hill burns more calories than any tabata workout. The boys laugh with long distance cousins on those headsets, and Claire only gets my last sip of coke from the can. Waking up to sleeping babies and that slightly soured smell one of my boys gives off during the night makes me smile. And my kids love our home and all of our lived in parts. I'm still hopeful someday I'll get a handle on the laundry and that my garden will grow. But most of all I am banking on love covering all! Love never fails!

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