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deep in motherhood

When Caroline and Charlie were toddlers and Cal was a baby, at one time they were 3, 2, and a new born, I felt so deep in the thick of motherhood that the glory of it all was hard to focus on somedays.

I tried to get them to rest at the same time each day and I would get so frustrated when I couldn't time out their naps just like I wanted.

I was in deep.

Caroline has always been an artist and her creations and scraps were all over the house.

Charlie has never loved bedtime and his restless self would fight sleep every night.

Cal had a sensitive stomach and I never could figure out what made his little tummy ache.


I see now how it was all adding up.

How all the loving, creating, holding, soothing, training, wrestling, playing, and cleaning up is part of an amazing masterpiece.

It's easy to lose sight of it when you are just trying to get them all to nap at the same time and find the carpet in the living room floor under all the toys.

I'm still deep in it.

My deep is changing and hindsight is giving me a little perspective!

Here is what I can see a little more clearly now-

It’s beautiful. Oh, sweet mamas, see the beauty. I promise, not a single thing this world has to offer will even compare. Look for it. Hold it tight.

It’s purposed. Motherhood is a calling and is valuable. Even the small, hard, and messy parts are playing a divine roll.

It’s fleeting. And it’s going even faster than you think!

It’s sacred. Eternal work is happening every day in our hearts and the hearts of our children.

Motherhood takes you deep into the thick of it where its hard to see clearly the beauty and purpose of each moment.

If you are deep in motherhood today, I pray you are encouraged!

Love them up! Love covers.

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