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A letter to my birthday boy

Oh sweet boy, it is a joy to be your mama! I hope you always know I love you no matter what!

I am praying for you everyday! I am trusting you to God!

I pray that the Lord will save your soul quickly and bind evil! I pray that you will be a man of character, honesty, and integrity- strong, and brave, and true!

I hope you know He is not only your best hope, but your only hope!

I pray that you will be a mighty warrior for the Lord. And like Gideon, I pray that the Lord reveals Himself to you face to face.

That makes all the difference!

Always protect the innocent and stand up for what is right!

I pray that you always feel deeply and always gamble on love!

I hope that the love I see in you will always be returned ten fold! I always say, "your wife is going to be the luckiest girl in the world". I believe it!

I pray that you always sing loudly for the Lord, bold as a lion and unashamed!

The world will try to fit you into its mold, but I hope you always remain courageous! Don't turn to the right or to the left. Stay the course! Let your cheerfulness be a beacon!

I have often described you as carefree, but the more I have thought about you, you are far from carefree. You care deeply! But you don't let the cares of this world sway you.

I pray you always lean in for the kiss and run barefoot and sigh that deep sigh when you hug!

I pray God's biggest blessings on you today and everyday! I pray that you will be the head and not the tail, the above and not the beneath, a leader and not a follower! I pray that like Daniel and his Hebrew friends you are ten times better and none is equal. I pray that you shine like a city on a hill shining bright for Jesus.

I love having a front row seat to the grace of the Lord! It is an honor! We celebrate you today! We will sing the song, eat the cake, and play outside. I can't wait! And tonight, when the house is quiet and you are tucked in close to me, where you always are, I will pray it again.

Jesus is the only way!

Happy Birthday!!!






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